Monica, that is fascinating - indeed, essential knowledge. I’ll certainly be investing in catering sized tins of pineapple rings. Personally, I have found the use of seaweed liquor (fucus serratus) a useful and enjoyable post/pre Congress application. There is evidence that seaweed was used in China for its anti-microbial function. Thank you for all you fascinating information - and I’ll look forward to your ? forthcoming book!

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Aug 14, 2020Liked by Zac Stafford

Thanks Monica. Its fascinating to understand some of the complexity of our interactions at a subconscious level. I've noticed some of the smells and effects that you mentioned including truffle which I consider to have aphrodisiac effects.

I expect that the Catholic church would be delighted to know that the use of the contraceptive pill could result in incompatible relationships that may end in Divorce.😬

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